BPC Africa  has two Communities.
  • The Millennials
  • The Senior Professionals 
Bpc Africa Community is a voluntary association.To become a Millennial or Senior Professional Member, you are required to fill in the registration form and  pay a once off membership fee of Kshs 500 or Kshs 1000 only respectively.

Membership Form

TERMS & CONDITIONS.Membership is voluntary for professional networking purposes Members shall enjoy BPC offers and benefits.*The benefits include discounts on BPC products, consultancy, on-line advisory, annual conference, professional talks, BPC bulletins, professional on-line briefs, and access to the BPC Centre among others.Membership joining fee of Kshs 1,000  for the senior professionals and Kshs 500 for the Millennial shall be paid once off.
Fee :For payment kindly inquire via email;info@bpc.co.ke or call +254712316888.

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to BPC Terms & Conditions.



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